Tree Adoption Service

…An outreach of the Carbon Offset Tree Program, a function of Elkland Business Advisors Group

The Importance of Trees

Politics aside, there is one area where former President Obama and President Trump agree. The importance of trees! President Obama in his plan for Carbon Cap and Trade recognized the importance in trees to reduce our carbon footprint and the main focus of the Trade part was obtaining carbon credits for trees. President Trump announced the United Staates will join the Trillion Trees Initiave launched at the World Economic Forum. So, why are trees such a big deal for the environment?

One of the more worrisome compounds in our air is carbon dioxide (CO2). In excessive amounts it is poisionous to humans, and it is has been linked to Climate Change. However, on the beneficial side, CO2 is a staple in the diet of green plants. They take the CO2 and remove the carbon and release the O2 (oxygen) back into the air. And O2 is absolutely necessary for our survival!

They use the captured carbon to grow. Many trees place that carbon into fruit and leaves, which fall to the ground in fall and return the carbon to the soil. Grass will do the same thing, but the size of the leaves, and the height of trees, make them the most suitable carbon sink to scrub carbon out of the air and generate life allowing oxygen.

The unfortunate thing is that many of our forrests are being cut down. It is a good way for the land owner to make a substantial income, and the wood is used in a variety of ways. In most cases, the logged trees are replaces by seedlings to grow so they too could be cut down. I’ve noticed that many hardwood trees are being logged, and replaced by faster growing softwoods or pines. My goal is to plant as many hardwood trees as I can.

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