Ordering Your Adopted Tree

In order to adopt a tree, there are a couple decisions to be made. Do you want to adopt an orphan tree, or a new planting. Next is to decide on the type of tree. There are three choices. An evergreen, a broad leaf, or fruit tree. Once you make your decisions, let us know and pay the adoption fee, then we will do the rest. Normally you should expect confirmation very shortly and the adoption paperwork within a few days. The paperwork will arrive by email.

Bare in mind that in this part of the US, we cannot plant from December through March. So there may be a slight delay. We do pre-plant in anticipation of orders during the winter months, so if there are any available pre-planted trees, the time delay will be greatly compressed.

There is a lot involved in planting a new tree. First, the tree must be acquired. A hole must be dug and the tree planted, back-filled and tamped so there are not air pockets. Since seedlings and saplings are young and tender, they must be protected from animals such as mice, rabbits and deer. Both love the soft leaves and bark. This requires both a tree wrap to protect from the mice and fencing for the rabbits and deer. The trees must also be staked and tied off to keep them from falling over.
The price to adopt a new planting is $135.00 (US).

This includes the first year of adoption. Each subsequent year of adoption would be the standard $35.00 (US).

Adopting an orphan tree is mostly administrative. But there is quite a bit of work. The tree must be located, GPS recorded, cataloged and placed in our database. The tree then has to be matched with the adopting person. And of course the adoption has to be recorded and the appropriate paperwork sent out. The price for adoption is $35.00 (US), for one year adoption.