Which Adoption Service
Best Fits Your Needs?

Our goal is to plant trees. We would prefer you adopt new trees, allowing us to plant more trees and make a larger environmental impact. However, we recognize this might not fit in with your priorities and budget. We get that. That is why we also put mature trees up for adoption. We call these orphan trees. By adopting an orphan tree, you can still help us out, while displaying your interest and dedication to building a better environment, and better air quality.

NOTE: We only allow one adoption per tree. Which means we WILL NOT adopt the same tree to multiple individuals. The only exception is if a group of folks adopt a tree as a single unit. For example Mrs. Falls 3rd Grade Class. Or the Westra family. 

Once you choose to adopt, and provide us with the necessary information, then we will record your adoption. You will receive adoption papers with the tree:

  • A brief description of the type of tree selected
  • GPS location
  • Picture of the tree

Your adoption will be valid for one year, and will have to be renewed. You can renew the same tree, or adopt a different tree.

New Planting

These trees are newly planted trees. They may be “bare root” “5 gallon pail” or “root ball” trees. Mostly bare root and 5 gallon pail. They will be either seedlings or saplings.

In some cases, new trees may be planted prior to adoption. This is to accomodate winter months when planting is not possible, or when we have an option of bulk purchasing.

Orphaned Trees

Orphaned trees are trees that are already planted. They are either naturally growing or were planted prior to our venture in tree adoption. They may be mature, some near 100 years old, or they may be smaller trees. The advantage of mature trees is they process more carbon dixoide into oxygen than new plantings.